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Posted in news,portfolio,projects by jake on February 20th, 2015

New Year, NYU



In July Made Media won a three-way pitch to design digital identities for a new Arts Center and Art Gallery on NYU’s Abu Dhabi campus, and began work to design and build two dual-language websites.

Designing dual-language English/Arabic identities and websites has been a new challenge for us. Our preferred CMS Silverstripe has handled dual language with ease, but the design required stylesheets that incorporate radically different typography into the same overall look and feel. Arabic, of course, runs right to left, and this also flips the ‘F’ pattern of reading and content prioritisation. So when you switch to Arabic, not only does the text change, but the overall layout and identity placement flips too.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 14.11.07

Whilst the United Arab Emirates has a rich history of culture to draw on, western-style public-funded Art Galleries and Arts Centres are still something of a novel concept. Abu Dhabi’s arts and culture scene is burgeoning, but it’s early days, so it’s been really exciting to work on two new brands at the forefront of that frontier. The Arts Center and Art Gallery are fabulous facilities, and we feel our designs live up to their promise.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 14.11.48

It’s been great to work with New York University, a fabulous institution with a huge history in fostering the Liberal Arts. This project has required team members from NYU and Made Media to collaborate across London, New York and Abu Dhabi. Yes time zones have been a challenge, but this is rapidly becoming the new normal at Made.

We hope you like the results.

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Posted in news,portfolio,projects by jake on December 9th, 2014

Glyndebourne Again




Come the Zombie Apocalypse, the survivors at Made Media will set out on a pilgrimage to Glyndebourne in the South Downs. Why? Well it’s the perfect hideout, nestled in beautiful countryside, with a dedicated wind turbine, a haha defence lawn, three restaurants, and of course, world class opera to keep us entertained.

Glyndebourne is an amazing institution. They’re independent and unique, and they strive to produce the best that can be done, not the best they can do. Punters get dressed up to enjoy their work, but you’d be wrong to think them a stuffy outfit. They are one of our most progressive, engaging, media-savvy and friendly clients. We were delighted to win work with Glyndebourne four years ago, considering it a major vote of confidence in our little agency. We’re still proud to work with them, and we’re pleased to launch a refreshed website, making it fully mobile-responsive for the first time.

The last website launched in 2010, the same year the iPad went on-sale. Since then Glyndebourne’s tablet usage has grown to 20% of all traffic and tops 45% for new visitors. Even given the growth in mobile, that’s an unusually high proportion. So a responsive design that accommodates tablets was a must. That stretches to the more complex features such as seat selection, membership renewals and ticket ballots.

We also took the opportunity to make general improvements to the ticketing and membership experience, integrating contextual up-sells, and migrating from Drupal to Silverstripe.

Go take a look. Join the waiting list. It might just be your key to surviving the undead armageddon in style.

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Posted in news by jake on November 13th, 2014

Made in New York

Made in New York

Exciting news. We’ve just incorporated Made Media in the US, and this week we’re back from New York having just kicked off two projects in the big apple.

Lincoln Center
We’re developing a new ticketing Website for the Lincoln Center, home to Avery Fisher Hall, Alice Tully Hall and the Metropolitan Opera House amongst others.

New York University is busy launching a new Arts Center and Art Gallery on their Abu Dhabi campus. Made is developing visual identities and two dual-language websites.

Enter Allison Fippinger
To help us deliver these projects we’re welcoming Allison Fippinger to the team as Senior Consultant. A certified Project Management Professional with 15+ years arts experience, she is particularly experienced in ticketing integration projects and application developments. She started her career as a fundraiser in New York City (Carnegie Hall, New York Philharmonic) before providing technology consulting for organisations across North America. As well as managing our new projects stateside, Allison will look after Made’s existing US clients including AT&T Performing Arts Center, Orchestra Iowa and Signature Theatre.

We’re stoked, and we’re open for business across the US.

Stay tuned for more announcements.

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Posted in general,news,portfolio,projects by jake on August 15th, 2014

Crowdhandler. On-sale Traffic Tamed.


Announcing Crowdhandler, a cloud service from Made Media. Crowdhandler is a cloud-based virtual waiting room. It protects ticketing websites during heavy on-sales, keeping servers up, and customers happy. Best of all. It does this for any ticketing website and any box office system, with no integration required. In fact we can get a website protected within one week. Visit the website to see how.

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Posted in news,projects by Chris Unitt on February 7th, 2014

Old Vic Theatre

We’re very proud to announce the new website that we’ve built for the Old Vic Theatre.

Old Vic Theatre

The front-end site makes a big deal of their gorgeous imagery and works superbly on mobile devices and tablets. We’ve also replaced their ticketing path with our BlocksOffice product, which is packed with all the bells and whistles that we now consider standard, such as mobile-friendly select-your-own-seat, alerts for restricted views and contextual upsells.

The Old Vic also value their many members and have introduced custom functionality allowing them to respond to member-only RSVP events and renew or upgrade their membership level.

We also have to admit it’s a bit of a thrill when Kevin Spacey gives your designs the thumbs-up!

Take a look for yourself at

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