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Posted in news,portfolio,projects by Chris Unitt on June 21st, 2013

First Dates

We’ve just launched the website for First Dates, a new Channel 4 show from independent production company Twenty Twenty.

First Dates - Channel 4

The series films new couples each week in a unique restaurant where everyone is on a first date.

At the end of every date, the couples talk about their evening and answer the killer question – will they see each other again? If the answer is no, some of the daters will ask the viewing public to put themselves forward as their potential next date, applying via the website. If the dater chooses them, the viewer could be sitting opposite them in the next episode. Viewers are also able to apply via the website for dates with people due to appear in upcoming episodes.

This is the latest entry in our ever-increasing broadcast portfolio and one of several high-profile Channel 4 projects we’ve been involved with over the years. It’s also another good example of responsive design – hugely important for people watching TV with their mobile or tablet in hand.

Take a look at and see if anyone takes your fancy!


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