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Posted in news by Chris Unitt on November 25th, 2011

Birmingham Rep

Last week we relaunched the website for Birmingham Rep.

Birmingham Rep

We were responsible for the previous version of their site which, going by the number of others that were clearly influenced by it, set a strong standard for theatre websites. That was in 2008 and it was time for a refresh, so we’ve taken the opportunity to add some new functionality and tailor the site more closely to the client’s needs.

As explained on the Rep’s blog:

The new website features more content including blogs and videos, more opportunities for interactivity, it’s mobile friendly and we hope it will encourage site visitors to get involved with the organisation on all levels of engagement.

The biggest functional change is the new, responsive design. The site will recognise the size of the screen you’re using (whether it’s a mobile phone, the massive monitors our designers prefer or anything in between) and alter the layout of the site so you get the optimum experience.

There’s also improved information about cast and creatives, more prominent video, a better comments system and more information in the Get Involved section.

The site has social media integrated into it in various areas. For example, show pages and blog posts can be shared to Facebook and Twitter and comments can be left via social media channels. Most pages also have a Facebook-powered ‘Recommendations’ widget promoting popular content around the site.

Have a look at the site at


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