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Posted in news by Chris Unitt on September 26th, 2011

September studio snapshot

Made Media studio

It’s been a while since the last update, so let’s have a quick look around the studios and see what’s going on.


We’re currently working on new websites for large theatres, concert halls and arts venues the length and breadth of the country. There’ll be plenty of site launches over the next couple of months, so we’ll save the name-dropping until then.

This work is mostly for new clients, but we’re really pleased to have been retained by some long-standing clients too.


We’re also working on a handful of projects for major UK broadcasters (naming no names). These take a variety of forms; from interactive programme-support websites to online-only projects. We’re also providing the technology for shows that will take interactivity a step further by engaging audiences via their mobile phones, iPads and laptops during the show.

Social media

Meanwhile, the social media team are managing content on the Dancing for the Games and West Midlands Dance websites as well as feeding into several of projects run by the development teams.

We’re also about to start rolling out a Social Media Analytics service to clients, having tested it in-house for a while. We’ll open that up to others soon too (get in touch if you’d like a preview).

And all sorts of other things

Tim was in Luxembourg the other week discussing our contribution to the European Digital Mathematics Library – a €5m pan-European project that brings universities and public institutions together around some head-twistingly complicated maths.

Chris ran a session for Livity as part of the Google Digital Expert project. Meanwhile, Carl’s been busy extending his terrifyingly good pitch:win ratio – he’s now up to 8 out of 8.

Of course, while all of this is going on, the usual process of tenders, proposals and pitches continues and it looks like there’s some more great work on the horizon. We’re also checking out some bigger premises in London, submitting work for awards and there’s a rumour that a new version of our own website will finally launch… one day. Definitely this year. Probably.

Are you a freelancer?

We’re working on a lot of great projects at the moment and we’re looking to increase our pool of freelancers, particularly in the following areas:

• LAMP developers. OOP PHP, especially Silverstripe and Symfony, but we’ll chat to .Net freelancers too.
• Designers. Conceptual Photoshop jockeys with an understanding of digtal.
• Front-end Developers. Cutters of standards-compliant, semantic HTML and CSS.

Please email with a link to your portfolio and your day rate. No agencies or recruitment websites please. Seriously this time.