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Posted in culture,design,life,local,news,projects by jake on June 5th, 2008

Just to get a REP

New Birmingham Repertory Theatre Website

This bun’s been in Made Media’s oven for a while now but, as they say, slow bakin’ makes good eatin’. As well as showcasing The REP’s fantastic programme with visual impact this website features the full compliment of Web 2.0 must-haves:

  • RSS feeds: Check!
  • iCal Subscriptions: Check!
  • Tags: Check!
  • Flash Video: Check!
  • Light-box Image Galleries: Check!
  • Microformats: Check!
  • Commenting: Check!
  • Those little social-networking bookmark widgets: Check!

    Huge thanks go to the wonderful marketing team at The Rep for having the right kind of vision, and for giving us enough time and support to deliver a website we’re really proud of.

    And as if that’s not enough a meticulously re-designed ticket system is on its way shortly, courtesy of the technical geniuses at KB Group.