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Posted in design,life,local,news,technology by jake on January 15th, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy, Freelancers Required

New Year, New Projects, New Deadlines.
We’re pre-empting a crunch by soliciting CVs from freelancers with the following skills:

Graphic/Web Designers

With a particular focus on designing website house-styles in Photoshop or Fireworks and Flash movie layouts. HTML skills not a must, but experience of doing lots of professional web layouts at a relatively high level is.

HTML/CSS Developers

People who can take a photoshop visual and turn it into valid HTML and CSS. You must understand accessibility, Flash Replacement, SiFR and Common JavaScript libraries, even if you’re not necessarily a programming whiz. Attention to detail is crucial, as is an ability to pull off layouts that don’t necessarily make sense.

.Net Specialists

We have lots of experience delivering stunning web applications within the LAMP environment, but we’re increasingly asked to work our magic on .Net projects. We’re looking for solid .Net programmers with staying power, who can work from our specifications and UI designs.

All freelance opportunities have the potential to turn into long-term relationships or careers if you are that way inclined.

email CVs with links to:

But first, please remember the following golden rules:

  • We want to hear from genuine freelancers only. You must know your daily rate. You must know when you are available. You must demonstrate a portfolio of high-level work (for the HTML/CSS position we’ll consider hobbyist stuff as long as you have the chops).
  • Thou must not be a recruitment consultant.
  • Please, please, please read what we’re looking for, and only respond if that honestly sounds like you.

    We’ll try to reply to everyone properly, but we are very busy (that’s why we need freelance help). Have no fear, if your CV makes it into our inbox, it will be read and you will be considered. If you don’t hear back for a while it might mean we just ran out of time, or you might just have sent us a load of nonsense. You’ll know which one in your heart.
    If you can be of any help to us we will most definitely be in touch.

    We look forward to hearing from you!