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Posted in culture,design,local,news,projects by jake on May 29th, 2007

Maverick TV gets a facelift


We’ve just given Maverick TV an online facelift. Maverick are the hugely successful TV production company behind 10 Years Younger, How to Look Good Naked, and Embarassing Illnesses.

The new site features much more video, and all the info on Maverick’s burgeoning Digital Media department.
They’re using our CMS Backstage to take care of all the enhanced and improved content.


Posted in life,local,news,projects by jake on May 3rd, 2007

MADE re-launch Town Hall & Symphony Hall online

Town Hall Symphony Hall

We were delighted to launch the new Town Hall/Symphony Hall Website this morning.

Some of the bright young things in our office are too young to remember Birmingham’s Town Hall as a functional venue, but following a painstaking restoration it re-opens in October as a more intimate sister-venue to the world-renowned Symphony Hall.

Our brief, put crudely, was to ensure maximum bums on seats at both venues and with that in mind we focused on events and tickets. The site remembers the kind of events you’ve looked at in the past and starts to focus the home page towards your tastes. There’s always room for something different though.

We also found time for a few Web 2.0 niceties so there’s plenty of RSS, tagging and iCal stuff going on too.

See you at the opening festival!

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