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Posted in culture,diarised,life,news by Made Media Ltd on March 26th, 2007

Diarised – now in Spanish


The response to Diarised has been fantastic and the feedback hugely positive. Looking at the stats we realised that our users are spread across the world so we decided to internationalise our little meeting application. The first language out of the door is Spanish but there's more to follow.

The Spanish translation (and some impressive guidance) was provided by David of He's written a small piece about the experience.

We’re also on the lookout for more translators. Want Diarised in your own language? Then why not step up and help us out. Just get in touch. The application itself is fully internationalised now so adding languages is, in the main, a question of just 'plugging them in'.

In the meantime, we've added a few new features in recent weeks. It is now possible to have Diarised automatically confirm your meeting for you if everyone can make a certain date. Just tick the box when you set up a meeting.

We’ve also added the opportunity to attach a note if you have to cancel a meeting for any reason.

Finally, we’ve added the facility for meeting creators to add additional dates as required - at any stage in the process.



Posted in culture,design,life,news,projects by tim on March 22nd, 2007

Cure Leukaemia – Art Auction

Art Auction 07

Art Auction 07

Doing our bit for chariddee, we're delighted to be involved once again with this years Art Auction for Cure Leukaemia.

All proceeds from which will go towards the new world class Leukemia centre at the University Hospital Birmingham.

Made designed the branding for the event, which this year features the beautifull art work of Cattrell.

The event is taking place on 17th April at St Pauls Gallery so book a place now, remortgage your house and go pick up a few future priceless heirlooms.

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Posted in life by jake on March 21st, 2007

High Rise

37 Signals finally launched their heavily trailed CRM lite application Highrise today.
Although it’s somewhat passe to say it, 37 Signals have always been a strong influence on Made Media, and I’ve been something of a fan ever since Zeldman first linked through to their fledgling web design studio.

Everyone uses BaseCamp, and of course Ruby on Rails has been a massive influence on web programming over the past three years, but for me none of the subsequent 37 Signals application releases lived up to the first.

At a first glance, Highrise looks exactly what I need in a CRM app, and there are many deft touches in the interface design and approach. Much as BaseCamp showed that project management is about communication not Gant charts, HighRise shows that CRM is about people not ‘Pipelines’.

So I’m sold. But it’s tempting to join the throng of people asking for better BaseCamp integration. I really need both apps to be the starting point of my working day. And that’s clearly a core problem for many would be users.

I understand, though, why BaseCamp integration is not high on the list of priorities for 37 Signals, and may in fact never really work.

For a start, no-one likes revisiting old code. Your latest chops are always light-years ahead of the code you were working on two years ago, and going back to crufty old code-bases for the sake of compatibility is no fun.

But more fundamentally, when 37 Signals developed BaseCamp they were a Web consulting company. And so they developed a perfect daily portal for a Web consulting company to use. (It just so happened it worked OK for other projects to).

Now 37 Signals are effectively a shrinkwrap software company. So the daily grind is all about tech-support, press contacts, reporting to the VC guys, keeping track of who’s said what to who. It’s not a project focused game like consulting is. Highrise is the perfect daily portal for that kind of company. It’s designed perfectly for its target audience because 37 Signals is that target audience. As a result, I predict that this app, like BaseCamp will be a hit. And if the pricing is right, I can see it overtaking BaseCamp in popularity.

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Posted in technology by jake on March 21st, 2007

Partial Downtime. TAO.

Everbody’s favourite Linux server Tao was down for ten minutes today between 13:40 and 13:50.
Websites and Email on that domain were effected. It’s back up now, and we’re investigating the cause of the problem.