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Posted in culture,life,technology by Made Media Ltd on January 9th, 2007

iPhone announced – for real


The Apple iPhone has finally been announced and, incredibly, it looks like it might just live up to the [massive] hype.

Engadget has a pretty comprehensive write up but, in short, this looks like a fantastic device. In addition to a terrific looking phone interface, it's also an iPod with an on-screen controller. Running OSX, it includes iTunes, Safari, a mail client that looks just like Mail on my Powerbook. Add to that a gesture-based touchscreen, bluetooth, wifi and half-decent battery life then it looks like a winner.

Sadly we'll have to wait until 'Quarter 4' for a European launch but you can count me in for an order as soon as they'll take my money.

UPDATE: The BBC puts edited highlights up for viewing within minutes. This is pretty impressive as it's online before Apple themselves have made the keynote generally available. When they do (soon) it'll be here.


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