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Posted in culture,diarised,life,news,projects by Made Media Ltd on January 30th, 2007

Introducing Diarised


Introducing Diarised, a new web application from Made Media Ltd

Diarised is a simple to use web application that will help you arrange meetings. It’s completely free to use and doesn’t require any registration.

  • Diarised is free – You can schedule as many meetings as you like, and suggest unlimited dates for your meetings.
  • Diarised is easy to use – The clutter-free interfaces make organising meetings with Diarised straightforward.
  • Diarised is productive – Diarised will figure out who can attend and on which dates and notify you with a list of the best times and dates, leaving you more time to get stuff done!
  • Diarised is fast – There's no signup required, you can start using Diarised immediately.

We've striven to make Diarised as easy to use as possible and worked hard at finding the correct balance between providing information (good) and nagging (bad).

Why Diarised?

It’s an application that we wanted ourselves. An application we intend to use. There doesn’t appear to be anything else that provides a service like this - certainly not without registering or paying - so we built it ourselves. We need to arrange meetings constantly and the endless batting around of possible dates between email CC lists just drives us crazy. We think Diarised will reduce the headaches we associate with this process and that is the reason for its development. We hope you like it.

How does it work?

Well, as the home page explains, it’s a five step process.

  1. Enter the details of your proposed meeting into Diarised, including the meeting invitees and the possible times and dates for the meeting.
  2. Diarised sends out emails to all invitees.
  3. The invitees choose the times that suit them best.
  4. Once the invitees have chosen their preferred meeting dates, Diarised will tell you the best dates for your meeting.
  5. All meeting invitees will be sent an email confirming the chosen date and time

Future Developments?

No promises yet but we have ambitions of adding user accounts with added features. In particular this would let users that register (which will always remain optional) the chance to maintain a meeting history, maybe an address book and, most importantly in our view, a filestore. ‘Filestore?’ I hear you ask. Well yes. In particular a way of distributing materials relevant to any particular meeting. So it will be easy to upload agendas, previous minutes, documents for review and distribute these to those attending the meeting via web link rather than heavyweight email attachment. There’s some complexity in making this work really well but we’ve thought it through, have a plan and now just need some time to implement it.

We have other ideas for expanding Diarised but they’ll have to wait for another day. Of course, we would welcome suggestions and feedback. Enjoy.


Posted in news,technology by jake on January 18th, 2007

Datacentre Downtime

Made Media customers experienced 50 minutes of unplanned downtime today between 1pm and 2pm. This affected all websites and email hosted by us. We’re always making a big deal about how reliable our hosting service is, so an explanation is due.

Ironically, the power outage was caused by a fault in the Uninterruptible Power Supply at our datacentre. This is the bit of kit that is supposed to ensure that we keep serving in the case of a power outage. Engineers at the data centre have switched to standard mains power whilst they investigate the issue and bring the UPS back online. They are not expecting any further power outages when they bring it back into the loop.

The issue affected the whole of our floor at the data centre. Happily once the power was restored all of our servers all just woke up and started serving again. We’ve checked for database corruption on all domains and everything is A OK.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused—that’s the first 50 minutes of unplanned downtime in more than twelve months.


Posted in culture,life,technology by Made Media Ltd on January 9th, 2007

iPhone announced – for real


The Apple iPhone has finally been announced and, incredibly, it looks like it might just live up to the [massive] hype.

Engadget has a pretty comprehensive write up but, in short, this looks like a fantastic device. In addition to a terrific looking phone interface, it's also an iPod with an on-screen controller. Running OSX, it includes iTunes, Safari, a mail client that looks just like Mail on my Powerbook. Add to that a gesture-based touchscreen, bluetooth, wifi and half-decent battery life then it looks like a winner.

Sadly we'll have to wait until 'Quarter 4' for a European launch but you can count me in for an order as soon as they'll take my money.

UPDATE: The BBC puts edited highlights up for viewing within minutes. This is pretty impressive as it's online before Apple themselves have made the keynote generally available. When they do (soon) it'll be here.


Posted in news by Made Media Ltd on January 2nd, 2007

Freelance PHP developer wanted

Made Media are seeking a top notch PHP coder to work on a wide range of projects. We're looking for someone to start as soon as possible on a short-term contract (at least initially).

Salary dependent upon experience. Could you be that coder? Get in touch.

No agencies please.