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Posted in technology by jake on February 15th, 2006

Yahoo JavaScript UI Library

Oooh… look at this! Seems like while everyone switched focus to Google Yahoo’s been making a concerted effort to become cool again. First there were all those Web 2.0 acquisitions, and now they’ve released their box of javascript UI tricks and widgets under a BSD license.

I haven’t had a good enough look to see how this stacks up to industry front-runner and MADE fave prototype, but I’ve always been a fan of Yahoo’s interface work, going back as far as the original Yahoo Directory. Before AJAX became all the rage Yahoo consistently came up with really innovative solutions to tricky UI conundrums using the more traditional fill-and-fire RESTy interface. Even now I think their freebie portal services (mail, calendar etc..) are really well designed. That’s why I’m really looking forward to getting deep into their Design Patterns also published today under a Creative Commons License.

A real example of doing the right thing, a gift to the web development community, and a welcome contrast to Google’s recent backtracking on content censorship in China.

Oh… and that’s the first post.